Cell Phones for Verizon Ringtones


Verizon Ringtones
In order to get Verizon ringtones, you need a “Get It Now” phone and a plan that supports ringer downloads. Because the phones and ringers use advanced technology, you’ll be positively surprised as to the high quality of the ringtones available.
However, because of the high-quality and advanced technology, you’ll have to pay a bit extra for Verizon ringtones in comparison to other cell phone companies’ ringers.

The pricing scale starts from $1.49 and is above $3 for the highest quality polyphonic ringtones.

Also, if you choose a Get It Now phone, you don’t have to limit yourself to ringers. There’s also lots of other fun applications such as games.

If you’ve seen Java games, you’ll know the approximate quality of Verizon cell phone games with the Get It Now phones.

Cell Phones for Verizon Ringtones
Because the technology that enables the Get It Now service is BREW, you won’t find any Nokia phones for the service (Nokia focuses on J2ME, a competitive technology based on Java).

Although the company lists the following Get It Now phones as Verizon ringtones capable, they may not support ringtone downloads from all the ringer companies (Kanematsu, Faith West, etc.). You have to check details by phone and ringer company.

  • LG VX4400 (plus LG VX6600)
  • Motorola T720
  • Samsung a530
    Companies Offering Verizon Ringtones
    The companies that offer Verizon ringtones under the Get It Now service are Faith West Inc., Kanematsu, ModTones, MyTonz, and Ringster.

To find Verizon ringtones, see here (opens up a new window).

You may have come across these companies in other countries and other services, such as in Japan, where some of these companies provide ringtones in the popular i-Mode service.

The long history these companies have in the ringer business also ensures that you get the best, most accurate quality pre-listening capabilities, so that you don’t end up downloading low quality ringers that sounded good in the pre-listening stage.

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