Cingular Ringtones Choose From a Large Selection of Ringers


Cingular Ringtones
You have a variety of ways to enjoy Cingular ringtones. You can choose from a large selection of ringers, including a variety of polyphonic ringtones.
If you have a Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Siemens or Sony Ericsson cell phone with a Cingular plan, you might be able to download ringtones. You have to first check that the cell phone is capable of downloading Cingular ringers.

Furthermore, your phone might support different versions of ringers, such as EMS ringers. Also, generally speaking, you can’t download ringers between different brands, such as Motorola ringtones to a Nokia phone.

Cingular Ringtones Services
If you like, you can use the “official” Cingular ringer service that is run by Moviso, a global ringtone service provider.

The benefits of using this official service is that it is much more convenient than some other services.

With other services, you may have to buy credits or points with your credit card that are then used to download ringtones. However, with the official service, you can get the Cingular DirectBill agreement and open a My Wireless Window account, and can start downloading ringtones by sending SMS messages (On Demand Service).

Another way to download ringers, which is gaining popularity as Cingular is selling more GPRS phones, is downloading the ringers with the wireless web browser.

To find Cingular ringtones, see here (opens up a new window).

Price of Cingular Ringtones
If you download ringers via SMS, you know in advance how much the total cost for the ringer is (the messages are called premium SMS messages, and they cost much more than normal SMS messages would).

But, if you download with a wireless web browser, you have to pay, in addition to the cost of the Cingular ringtones, the fee for the airtime.

And if you don’t have a GPRS phone, the airtime can be very expensive over the long term (GSM technology is about 7-10 times slower than GPRS).

Therefore, I would recommend that you use the wireless web browser capability to download Cingular ringtones only if you have GPRS cell phone and a GPRS cell phone plan.

As a final note, if you shop around for Cingular ringtones, you can get your favorite tune for next to nothing, because the competition is so fierce in the GSM ringtones market. However, in that case you may have to pay for the Cingular ringers in a more inconvenient way (than the On Demand Service is).

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