How Can You Get Alltel Ringtones?


ALLTEL Ringtones
Alltel ringtones are offered within the ALLTEL Axcess data services that provide many services besides ringers. You can share pictures, use wireless e-mail, play wireless games, and more.
The ringer service is provided on two levels.

The basic service, with the big database (over 1,200) of ringers, is provided by ALLTEL for select Nokia phones. However, if you want polyphonic ringtones to your Axcess phone, ALLTEL has partnered with ModTones to provide those.

In addition, the company has teamed up with Ringster (Moviso) to provide the latest hits as ringtone tunes from Sony, Warner, EMI, and other major labels.

How can YOU get ALLTEL Ringtones?
To be able to download ringtones, you must have an ALLTEL cell phone plan and a ringtone-capable phone. To get the advanced Axcess ringtones, you must have an Axcess-capable phone.

The current ALLTEL Axcess cell phones that support ringtones are:

Toshiba CDM9500
Kyocera 3225
Motorola T720
Nokia 3585
PLUS you can download ALLTEL ringtones (at the ALLTEL web ringer service) to additional Nokia phones that are capable of ringtone downloads.

You can download ringtones from Axcess capable phones by browsing “Axcess Shop” category in the cell phone. In addition, you can preview Nokia ALLTEL ringtones in the web with a REAL player.

To find ALLTEL ringtones, see here (opens up a new window).

How Much Do the ALLTEL Ringtones Cost?
The ALLTEL ringtones sold in the web for Nokia phones are priced at $0.99 each.

For the more advanced Axcess cell phones, prices are dependent on what phone you have, and which service (ModTones, Ringster) you’re using. Prices start at $1.49 per ringtone.

The pricing is further complicated by the fact that once you download an ALLTEL ringtone from the Axcess partners (ModTones, Ringster), the ringtones expire after a certain amount of times used.

In addition, if you download polyphonic ringtones from ModTones or the latest hits from Ringster, your Axcess cell phone has to start a wireless web session. This session uses airtime, which is billed separately.

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