How Can You Get Ringtones?


The first ringtones were downloaded back in 1997 and have been an international success story ever since.
Nokia was the first to introduce downloadable ringers into their phones with a technology called Smart Messaging.

In fact, nobody believed that there was any demand for these services. But when the first service was put on air, in days the servers were sending ringers in the thousands.

Those early days sparked the whole cell phone entertainment industry, with cell phone manufacturers starting to produce phones capable of picture messages, downloadable games and so on.

How Can YOU Get Ringtones?
If you want to have new ringers in your phone, you have to check two things.

First, that the cell phone is capable of new ringing tune downloads. And secondly, that the cell phone service allows downloads to their network.

Furthermore, generally speaking, you can’t download one brand’s ringers to another brand phone (say, Motorola ringtones to a Nokia phone). This is because there are several standards for ringing tones.

Types of Ringtones Available
The best services have thousands of ringers to choose from. In addition to that, you can choose from monotonic, polyphonic, and voice ringers.

However, you always have to check what type of ringing tunes the cell phone supports.

Monotonic ringtones are simple beebs just like the original call alarms in cell phones, but when composed accordingly, will resemble your favorite tune.

Polyphonic ringtones, unlike monotonic ones, support multiple instruments simultaneously. Therefore, polyphonic ringers sound more like the original songs.

Finally, the next generation of ringing tones provide MP3 quality ringing tunes, with an additional ability to record your own voice (or song), or download celebrity voices as ringtones.

Only the latest cell phones support next generation ringers.

How Much Should You Pay for a Ringtone?
Because ringers resemble original songs they’ve been taken from, sellers of ringers have to pay royalty fees to the copyright owners. In addition, it costs the seller money to send the ringtone and provide the service.

That’s why ringers are not generally speaking not free.

However, you may be able to get a free ringtone as a promotional offer. For example, some artists release previews of their upcoming singles as free ringers.

On the other hand, some artists have banned the use of their work from being used as ringers. That’s why you won’t find (legal) ABBA ringing tunes.

Pricing varies from one carrier to the next. Generally speaking, in the U.S., most ringers cost $1+ per tone.

If you live in Asia, the average price of a ringtone is much lower, at around $0.20. While in Europe, expect to pay about half as much as in the U.S.

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