Large Companies Refuse to Release Cds


Now most people download and listen to music through various sites on the Internet. And they store files on their computers, USB flash drives or phones. Therefore, a lot of large companies producing CD-ROMs refuse to release their products.

Due to the fact that people are increasingly accessing free music sites, many stores are in crisis because the profit from selling discs is much lower than a couple of years ago.

Some companies plan to complete the production of CDs by the end of 2012. But then they will switch to selling music content in the form of files that can be downloaded for free from different sites.

As you know, the companies Tower, Virgin and Sony refused to produce CDs, but Amazon still continues to be on the CD market.

Surprise from the Austrian House of Music
Resting in Austria in Vienna, be sure to check out the Vienna House of Music. The House of Music is a young museum, but has already found its popularity among tourists visiting the Austrian capital. The museum is equally interesting to young and adult visitors.

The first floor of the music house was dedicated to the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. The second floor of the museum is called the “Sonosphere”, getting there, visitors not only find themselves in the world of sounds, but also can take part in practical lessons, for example, collect their own unique composition from various sounds.

Recently, another Namadeus attraction has appeared in the House of Music. The guest enters his name into the computer, and a special program turns it into a melody performed by Mozart. The resulting melody sounds in the style of Mozart because at one time the composer was able to “encrypt” all the letters of the alphabet in such a way that several musical measures were assigned to each letter.

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