Order Aluminum Windows in Minsk and Plastic Windows in Minsk


The company “Plastic Windows in Minsk” was established in 1996. We were one of the first to organize the production of plastic windows of the European standard. After market research, we began cooperation with the German company VEKA, as a leading manufacturer of high-quality, environmentally friendly PVC profiles for plastic windows; and with ROTO, a manufacturer of reliable and comfortable fittings.
Initially, the fundamental principle of the operation of the company “Plastic Windows in Minsk” was the highest quality of products and services. The company acquired high-tech German equipment, created its own production base, and selected highly qualified personnel. This allowed the company to become one of the industry leaders in the short term plastic windows order Minsk.
The main priority of the company is the manufacture of windows and doors of uncompromising quality, the provision of a range of services for the replacement and installation of new window structures. Distinctive characteristics of products from the company “Plastic windows in Minsk” are: high quality and reliability of plastic windows and other products; environmentally friendly technology for the production of plastic windows; quality control system at every stage of production; continuous technological research to order plastic windows in Minsk , modernization of plastic windows and expanding the range of components; regular independent testing for compliance with existing standards; highly qualified service of plastic windows and other products of the company.
Order Aluminum windows in Minsk
Recently, aluminum windows can be ordered in Minsk without any problems at any construction company. In any European city, there are a large number of buildings whose facades are made of aluminum structures. In shopping centers, large-span aluminum structures create spaciousness and comfort. Beautiful in their simplicity, the glazed facades of the main offices of large firms reflect their solidity, efficient operation and well-being.

Order Aluminum windows in Minsk

A huge number of aluminum windows are used in homes and child care facilities, in shops and gas stations, in offices and at sports facilities.

Note that in the design of windows and doors, aluminum is used only in the form of special alloys. Aluminum alloy structures are anti-magnetic and fire resistant. Special protective coatings give them great durability and attractive appearance, which does not require additional finishing of the front surface. Continue reading →
On Facebook abandoned the built-in MP3 player
The InsiderFacebook blog reports that the social resource Facebook has refused the ability to play MP3 music using the built-in Music Player application.
According to a blog post, page administrators of a popular social service were notified that the feature expired on October 31. Also, users were recommended to post similar materials on various third-party services.
But in the near future on Facebook they promise to present the “best ways” to post music on their pages. Browsers have suggested that the message from the administration of the social service is about streaming services, but so far there is no official confirmation of this information.
An interesting fact is that at the recent F8 conference, which was dedicated to the development of Facebook, it announced the conclusion of partnership agreements between the social network and the music services Rdio and Spotify, as well as a number of other services. This is precisely what can be attributed to indirect confirmation of the assumptions of journalists.

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