Entertainment brings out the talent in the children and stimulates their own creativity.


The implementation of entertainment at school is fully provided by Myra de Groot Entertainment Productions. Thanks to the creative interpretation and the fine cooperation, we ensure a special and beautiful result.
Do you want to know more about our method? We are available on the telephone number below. You can also leave a message, we will contact you as soon as possible.
Led by the enthusiastic entertainers of Myra de Groot Entertainment Productions, the students of your school become acquainted with the various forms of theater. We work on singing, dancing, acting, set, make-up, costumes and technology. Together with our entertainers, the students work towards a musical in which they all play the leading role. Entertainment at school in the form of a customized musical sets the students in motion and stimulates their creativity and talent. We also ensure that teachers are supervised and we involve the parents in the musical.
When we provide the entertainment at your school, you will receive guidance from our professional theater entertainer. This entertainer provides the creative input for the final musical of group 8. The teacher receives support and we get the best out of the pupils by stimulating their creativity. During the rehearsals, the entertainer works enthusiastically on the script, the choreography, singing, singing interpretation, acting and the role experience. He also gives advice and tips in the field of a script, set, attributes and costumes. You get refreshing input in the creative field, both before and behind the scenes.
‘We have a very positive experience left to the entertainer of Myra de Groot. He helped in all areas of the final musical of group 8 at our school. The students and teachers had a great time and especially the students are very proud of their original musical. Parents, family and friends enjoyed the final performance. Our students could not have had a better farewell! ‘
Janet de vries – the Triangel
As entertainment at your school you can also opt for a musical workshop. During this workshop we introduce your students and teachers to the various disciplines of the theater profession: singing, dancing and acting. We delve deeper into the interpretation of singing, make our own choreography and we take on the characters’ character. We design the decor for you and write a customized script. We will of course close the show with a spectacular show. The shape, duration and theme of the musical will be determined in consultation with you.
Myra de Groot Entertainment Producties provides customized performances for your school. For example, we can write performances around well-known themes such as Sinterklaas, Christmas and Valentine. Did you come up with a theme yourself? Then it is also possible that we make a customized performance for that. Our entertainers provide a complete program full of interaction and experience that everyone in the room will enjoy. A tailor-made performance is all about singing, dancing and beautiful costumes and lasts a maximum of one hour.
Do you also want a customized show as entertainment at your school? Call 06 5581 6998 for a no-obligation appointment or complete the contact form. We will contact you as soon as possible.
‘We wanted something different at our school during the Sinterklaas period. Via via we came in contact with Myra de Groot and she has written a fantastic performance for us. We enjoyed it, the students loved it and we received many positive reactions from parents. As far as we are concerned, worth repeating! ‘
Roel van Veen – the Rainbow
With entertainment at school we ensure that your students get started with their creativity and we stimulate their talent. Our entertainers also take care of events from the hands of the teachers, from the entertainers they get all the guidance they need. Myra de Groot Entertainment Productions chooses the theme for the event in consultation with your school. Below you will find some examples of themes. It is also possible to come up with ideas and themes yourself. Because we work with customized concepts, we can be of service to you in most cases. Click on the theme of your choice for more information:

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