The Most Original Activities at Your Wedding


Do you want a marriage that nobody will ever forget? Then it is important that you give your guests something they will remember forever. This is possible with an original activity and ultimate entertainment. We will help you on your way with a few nice ideas.

Fill the holes
A wedding is the ideal time to recall memories and tell stories. Why should you not be able to frame those stories? Let your guests tell stories that you can save. You do that by providing a stack of papers with a few memorable, but incomplete, stories. From you as a couple, or just for your friends and family.

In any case, you provide nice memories of perfect moments, or you give a few scenarios for the future. In those stories you intentionally leave a few holes free. It is up to your guests to fill them up. That is nice to read afterwards, but certainly also to think back to beautiful times at the time, or to fantasize about the future.

Happy hour
Do you like to drink a nice cocktail or a perfect gin and tonic? Then this idea is really for you. Let your guests enjoy the best cocktails and a top activity with an interactive cocktail workshop. With this you put a few experts at work, and you give your guests the chance to put together their own cocktail. Perfect for your reception!

Are you more a fan of wine or beer? You can also organize a tasting with a few special wines or beers. Remember that you do provide small glasses. Otherwise, that tie probably won’t stay in place. You know.
Time for games
Back to your childhood? You do that with a real game room. Ping pong, air hockey, video games and other games. Do you have the space, and are there some gaming fans among your guests? This is the ideal way to entertain your guests. And no, it is certainly not just for children. Think back to the past. At all those arcades where you could spend hours as a child. This brings your guests back to the past, and guarantees a lot of new memories.

Your love story
Have you and your partner come a long way? Show the story of your love in a visual presentation, with photos, beautiful texts and a lot of quotes and memories. Ideal for your reception! Often people stand by before they can finally congratulate you after the ceremony. That is the ideal time to entertain them with your story. Need ideas? Tell how you meet, what your first date was, your first kiss, …

The ultimate tip table
Want to get a little more out of your guests than just photos? You do that with a tips booth. Let your guests think carefully about their own lives, and about your future, by asking them about all kinds of tips. Date tips, for example, so you will never be bored. Or wise words from couples who have been married for years. The best advice to stay happy, or other wishes that your guests have in mind for you.

Or just ask a few short but fun questions: what should we call our children? Which place should we visit together? Where can we have a nice dinner? What must we certainly have done in our lives? Provide a nicely decorated table, with enough pen and paper, and a few chairs. This is super fun for your guests, and fun for you afterwards.

Entertainment activities tips
Of course a cozy reception and a booming party are top entertainment, yet a simple idea can ensure an original activity at your wedding. In any case, you are assured of the best day of your life, whatever you do.

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