The Tastiest Honeymoon Destinations for Foodies


Hungry? Hold on, because after seeing these destinations for your honeymoon, your stomach starts to grind. And especially if you are a real foodie. Some couples do not look for a beautiful beach location where sun and sea dominate. Do you base your choice on the culinary background of a location? Then you will find the inspiration you need here.

Maybe not your first choice, but it is an absolute winner: in Japan every foodie gets his heart’s worth. And you do that not only with sushi, rice and raw fish, but also in the best star restaurants. Japan has a very refined kitchen, and is experimenting with new flavors. You can taste the best dishes even on the street and at local markets. From yakitori to windows: everything is on the menu. There is an optimal foodie culture here!

And also in California you will be surprised by all the goodies that you will find there. Rent a car and make a tour of the state. Drive along the coast from top to bottom, and stop regularly for a delicious meal. Although you might expect otherwise, California has a lot of large farms and fresh produce. The romantic settings and the wonderful weather you get for free. In addition, wine culture has developed strongly in recent years. Why still doubt?

You will find something completely different in Israel. The cuisine of this country is a mix of Eastern and Mediterranean influences, and you can taste that in every dish. The quality and freshness of the products is striking, in combination with the unique use of herbs. Here you eat dates, falafels, shawarma and lots of fresh vegetables. Moreover, you eat a lot and regularly here. You start with a rich breakfast, eat a late lunch and end with a late dinner. In between you enjoy the best snacks. And do you get the chance to visit a vineyard? That is really worth it!

You can taste even more variation in Australia. There you will find class restaurants, which are often a mix of French and Italian cuisine. Think of fresh oysters, delicious seafood, tasteful cheeses and fresh wines. The so-called micro-breweries are also really worth the effort. These small breweries produce their own special beers and ciders on a small scale, and are perfect for the beer lovers among you. One thing is certain: the multicultural influences of the past have created many international flavors. On the street and in the fine-dining restaurants. And yes, you can finally taste a crocodile here.

You don’t even need an explanation for this country. Italy is the land of taste: delicious ham and cheese from Parma, the best balsamic vinegar and the freshest pasta ever. The purity in the flavors and freshness of the products create a deliciously focused time and time again. Look for local bars and restaurants, and try a different dish every day. And don’t forget to buy a pizza on the street, and taste at least one gelato. Tasty!

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