Customer Experiences Beautiful Costumes, Creativity and the Best Entertainers


“Myra and her company stand for energy, enthusiasm and top quality. Beautiful costumes, creativity and the best entertainers, at Myra, everything exudes professionalism. When I submit an assignment to Myra, I know that visitors / guests have a great day. ”

“For our 30th anniversary, we have organized an Experience Tour through our company and its departments. Together with Myra we have created a unique experience that will stay with us and our relationships for a long time. Her enthusiasm, passion for the profession and flexibility ensured that we were able to present an act that 100% matched our corporate vision. Thanks to Myra and her team for this great experience! ”

“Myra is synonymous with quality, professionalism and fulfilling agreements. But the most important thing is: it stands for passion. Full of dedication, with a listening ear and a keen eye, she carefully assesses every situation. In this way she creates his or her ultimate momentum for each individual. To enjoy!”

“We have had an intensive and successful collaboration with Myra de Groot entertainment productions for years in the field of interaction, experience and customized entertainment. Guaranteed full satisfaction with all our customers; we use her TeamMDG frequently and gladly. Towards even more cooperation and satisfied customers. “

“ Our clients and Eventz are very satisfied with Myra and her beautiful characters. And if we have a global idea, Myra will go wild with compiling or bringing characters to life. A thumbs up for Myra and her team. “

“The Amstelplein shopping center in Uithoorn has been working with Myra de Groot entertainment productions for 3 years. This to the complete satisfaction of all parties. Especially the enthusiasm, enthusiasm and enormous energy of Myra, but also the professionalism of its employees, ensure that it is a happening every time they are in the mall with us. And that is not only the opinion of the retailers, but also of the customers. ”

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