No Kids Allowed: Do’s & Don’ts


A much-discussed topic in the wedding country: children. One couple would not even think about celebrating their marriage without a few children at the party, while others would just like to organize a party where no children are allowed. It is therefore not surprising that this is regularly discussed. We give you advice.

Don’t: Put ‘Adults Only’ on your invitation
It is of course the intention that you make it clear to your guests that you would rather not have children present at your wedding. Then you just put it on your invitation, right? Better not, because it remains a sensitive subject. Although you certainly do not have to feel guilty about your decision, it is better to take a more subtle approach. And that does not happen by putting ‘Adults only’ on your invitation.

Do: Put specific names on the invitation
How do you do it then? Just put the names of the people who have actually been invited on your invitation. In this way it is immediately clear who has and has not been invited. It leaves no room for assumptions, while it does not seem too harsh. Do your guests still have questions? Then they will just ask you. It is then much easier to talk about it together.

Don’t: Fold the rules for certain guests
Does your sister really want to take her 4-year-old daughter with you? Then you actually have to be tough. With a good conversation you will find out why you made the decision not to admit children. And if those rules apply to one person, then they actually also apply to others. Just be clear about this, otherwise it will come to you personally. ‘Why are they and not us? Don’t they like my children? Am I not good enough? ” No bride likes that kind of questions.

Do: Take into account guests who cannot come
You also take into account that it is not always easy to arrange a babysitter for a whole day. Certainly not if the rest of the family or group of friends is also present at your wedding. So communicate in good time about your decision, so that your guests have sufficient time to find a solution. Couples with very young children sometimes prefer not to leave their little one that long. You must also bear in mind that some guests will drop out. And you certainly can’t blame them. You make your decision, they make theirs.

Don’t: Discard your own wishes for others
And what you should definitely not do is to put aside your own wishes for your wedding, because you expect comments from others. It’s your marriage. Although you take your guests into account, it is you who ultimately make the decisions. So if you are really certain about the fact that you do not want children at your party, you must also push it through.

Do: Open communication with your guests
Do you still receive comments from certain guests? Just talk to them about it in a quiet conversation. Try to be clear again, and explain why you made that choice. If you have a good relationship with your guests, your decision should not affect the atmosphere of your party or the feeling of your guests. Certainly the people who are close to you, such as your best friends and family, will probably understand where your choice comes from. So stand strong in your shoes!

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