What are the top eating options in Puerto Escondido?


Are you looking for a tropical Mexican fishing hamlet with peaceful beaches, beachfront bars and restaurants, diving and snorkelling opportunities, and surfable waves? All of this is available at Puerto Escondido, as well as trips that include sailing, bird watching, and swimming in clear waters in the mangrove lagoon. It all depends on where you wish to stay in Puerto Escondido. In Puerto Escondido, there are a slew of fantastic restaurants. From shacks on the street to eateries where you can wiggle your toes in the sand beneath the table while eating entire grilled fish. Food that is inexpensive does not have to be unhealthy! Restaurants Puerto Escondido provides a variety of dining alternatives to suit your budget.

Da Tang

Everyone enjoys Chinese cuisine, and after months of tacos, it’s good to switch things up. For a modest fee, you may get a large platter of meat, vegetables, and fried rice. It’s one of the few establishments open on Saturdays and Sundays.


Cafecito is the place to go if you’re looking for a substantial and tasty breakfast or brunch. While you wait for your dinner, you may sample their homemade bread. Their chilaquiles are delectable, and their fresh drinks are revitalising. Because it is such fantastic value for money, many find themselves going there practically every morning. You’ll also be served with a strong cup of coffee.

Jugueria La Dulce Vida

Jugueria La Dulce Vida is known for its delicious juices, but they also serve delicious piled sandwiches! This is a go-to for a quick breakfast and is located on the main highway on the turn to La Punta. Their meal is delicious and reasonably priced.

Jardin Escondido

This restaurant is situated adjacent to El Coste and is a great spot to stop before heading out to supper. They have a great range of craft beers that you may enjoy while relaxing on a comfy deck chair with a view of the ocean. Many people flock there to watch the sunset before travelling to El Coste next door for a whole fish. Jardin makes seafood tacos as well. They are a good option among various restaurants in Puerto Escondido.

El Curandero

La Curandero is a busy seafood restaurant that serves ceviches, seafood cocktails, grilled and fried fish, and giant micheladas.


Filomena is a must-visit in Puerto Escondido if you’re looking for authentic Argentinian cuisine. It is Puerto Escondido’s best Argentinian restaurant. During your visit, you may find yourself eating there several times. Filomena’s roasted chicken and quinoa burgers are a hit. The chimichurri dishes, on the other hand, are the most popular. They also have the finest food.

Beach Hotel Ines Restaurant

Breakfast, lunch, and supper are served in the Beach Hotel Ines Restaurant. Because the cuisine is so delicious, it’s advisable to try each meal at this restaurant in Puerto Escondido. The breakfast menu is chock-full of standard breakfast fare. Tacos, sandwiches, fillet de Boeuf, and a variety of seafood are available for lunch and supper.

Puerto Escondido is one of the hidden treasures on Oaxaca’s Emerald Coast. The easy-going atmosphere, delicious cuisine, and natural beauty of one of the world’s greatest surfing locations make this perfect terrain for a creative population. Puerto Escondido has discreetly maintained its image as a hidden retreat on Oaxaca’s Emerald Coast, avoiding the invasion of tourist hotels and fast expansion. While it has only lately gained popularity among budget-conscious travellers, Puerto Escondido has long been a favourite among surfers.

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