Customized Business Entertainment


A unique form of entertainment at your event with customized corporate entertainment. When you engage an organizer, entertainment during your corporate event is professionally arranged. You leave the organization of the business entertainment out of your hands, so that you can relax and enjoy the event.
Customized business entertainment: from organization to implementationConnecting your employees and the regular customers of your companyCreate involvement with employees and management
Myra de Groot Entertainment has various options for the organization of your corporate entertainment. A few examples:
A custom game show written for your companyA theater dinner with anecdotes about your employeesCorporate entertainment around a special holiday such as Sinterklaas or EasterA team building activity with a musical about your company
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Do you want to know how Myra de Groot uses business entertainment to convey your message? Call for a no-obligation appointment with the telephone number below or complete the contact form. We will contact you as soon as possible.
Myra de Groot Entertainment Productions now has more than 130 characters with beautiful matching costumes. Flora Juffertje in ‘t Groen stands for Corporate Social Responsibility, Karel Koffie and Aunt TEE stand for hospitality and customer loyalty. The entert (r) ainers write a completely customized concept for corporate entertainment. The multi-deployable team of Myra de Groot also takes care of the production and implementation.
Much more is possible than the above themes. For example, we can organize an event around a well-known theme such as Sinterklaas, Christmas, Easter or New Year’s Day. Do you have an idea for a theme of corporate entertainment yourself? Even if, for example, you want entertainment around an anniversary, Myra de Groot Entertainment Productions is happy to take the organization off your hands.
For an impression of themes and our characters, you can take a look at the pages below.
Myra de Groot Entertainment Productions advises and supports you in determining your goals. We translate your goals into a customized concept for corporate entertainment. Some examples of our options:
Unique characters upon receiptAn act together with the board for a unique opening of your company or eventMusical experience during the reception of your anniversaryTraining for your employees: ‘how visible are you in your elevator pitch?’Theme party of choice with suitable charactersChristmas corporate event for your employeesNew Year’s receptionComplete interpretation of business entertainment by one team
“Myra de Groot has been responsible for the organization and implementation of our corporate event. We particularly liked that anecdotes about our company returned to the theater dinner. This made it more personal for us, we would like to come back again. “

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