Side Entertainment Evening Full of Fun


Side entertainment provides entertainment and entertainment all evening long. Taste the cozy atmosphere that one or more side acts create and make your company party a resounding success. There are countless options for this. View some nice ideas below.

Caricaturist, laugh!
Everyone has seen a caricaturist do a job at a tourist spot. It is now also possible to make your company party extra festive by hiring such a caricaturist! Let your guests immortalize in an original way. The caricaturist makes a humorous drawing of people on the spot, exaggerating the most characteristic features. This act is guaranteed to work on everyone’s laughing muscles!

This act is guaranteed to work on everyone’s laughing muscles!
An Asian twist
Are you giving an Asian theme party or do you want to give your party an Asian twist? Then there are various fun options. For example, how about a real Sushi chef who provides your guests with delicious sushi? You can also have the sushi served by hostesses in beautiful kimonos. You can also book a ‘walking display’ with all kinds of delicious Asian snacks, this is a display with a conveyor belt that can be placed on the buffet table. Ask about more options!

Tarotists and palm reading
A tarotist is someone who places taro cards. This can also be a nice addition during your company party. Through the age-old Tarot game, the tarotist gives your guests insight into their personality, what they have experienced and possibly what the future holds. You can also book a palm reader or reader at your party. Hands tell everything. Qualities and talents become visible, but they also tell about relationships, pitfalls and much more. A very nice, spiritual interpretation of your company party!

Chair massage
Do you want to really let your guests relax? This is possible with a chair massage during your company party. A chair massage is ideally suited for events. This massage lasts around ten minutes and does not require a large massage couch. This massage can of course also be fully dressed. After the chair massage, your guests will feel reborn!

Don’t be afraid, we will not let real pickpockets run around at your company party! During your party an entertainer walks around who occasionally ‘finds’ a bag, watch or wallet of your visitors. Every time it is hilarious when the victims can pick up their found objects.

Cocktail show shaker
Who doesn’t know the movie Cocktail with Tom Cruise? You can also hire such a cocktail show shaker at your company party! Shaking cocktails elevated to an art can be left to our bartenders. For an extra festive touch to your company event.

Theater animation acts
As side entertainment, a lot is possible in the theater field. For example, you can have different types of people mix and interact with them. You can also book guerilla or pop-up theater, where actors occasionally play a very short scene in which they respond to events, a lecture or, for example, a discussion.


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