Installation of Plastic Windows and Pvc Windows in Installments


PVC windows in installments
To purchase a PVC window in Minsk by installments, you will need a standard set of documents: passport and identification code. We lend to citizens aged 21 to 69 years.

Installments for 3 and 6 months without overpayment

Installments are provided in the amount of not more than 25 000 UAH, and a down payment of 0% is allowed. We offer installments for 3 and 6 months without overpayment. In case of untimely repayment of installments, a commission of 3% is charged:

starting from 4 months – for installments for 3 months,
starting from 7 months – for installments for 6 months.
Loan for a period of 6 months

A loan is provided in the amount of up to UAH 25,000, and the loan term varies from 3 months to 3 years. The down payment at your request can be from 0 to 80% of the total loan amount. You can also repay the loan ahead of schedule, without any restrictions and expenses. Making it takes you just 20 minutes!

Credit terms:

One-time commission: 1.5%.
Monthly commission: 1.5%.
Interest rate: 0.01% per year.
You can apply for a loan from OTP Bank both through the site’s feedback form and by phone. A bank specialist will select for you the closest point of issue of loans, and after registration you will receive the goods.

The advantages of such loans are low interest rates, no need to visit a bank, and high level of customer service.After the specialist finds out the exact dimensions and design features of your window, the final cost of your order will be calculated (it can be either slightly higher or slightly lower than the preliminary one).
After that, you will be asked to conclude a standard contract in which you can, in agreement with our experts, stipulate all conditions, including the guarantee that the company provides absolutely for all windows and structures.
You can conclude an agreement with us, as having arrived at our company’s office, or with our specialist at home, or your office. wooden windows custom made cheap Promotion sale discounts gifts

Stage 2. Payment.

After the conclusion of the contract, you make an advance in the amount of 70% of the total cost of the order.
The remaining amount you pay only after completion of all work. You can make payment both in our office and at home or in your office.

Stage 3. Production of windows or other structures.

After the contract is concluded and prepayment is made. A window or other structure will be manufactured at the company’s factory using modern, high-precision equipment, which completely eliminates the possibility of errors in the assembly of structures and significantly reduces the manufacturing time.
As a rule, the order takes no more than 4-7 business days.

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