Tantamareschi: What is It and Why Are They Needed?


Holding every corporate or city holiday, festival, concert or promotion requires, first of all, careful preparation, during which interesting ideas will be developed, as well as options for their successful implementation will be thought out.
Organization of corporate events .
In this matter, everything is important – from the script to the high-quality equipment necessary for holding an event. After all, every little thing present at the festival will remain in the memory of the participants for many years or will be reflected in the photographs taken by them.
Knowing that at every event people like to be photographed, the organizers should make sure that the pictures remind the participants of the holidays about a wonderful time. Most often during the event, people take pictures against the backdrop of original scenery, with celebrities, during contests, as well as near thematic inscriptions and drawings.
Features of the stand design
Tantamaresca – a stand made in the form of a frame or a shield covered with canvas, provided specifically for photographing. As a rule, this is a growth figure of various characters that has special cut-outs for hands, feet, faces, or a hardposter. The plot of the image is often humorous. Exotic nature or various interiors are usually depicted next to the character. In order to be photographed, a person or several need to go over the back of the tantamareski and put his face and hands in the corresponding holes.
A few years ago, every person who returned from a summer vacation at a seaside resort, compulsorily replenished his photo album with a picture taken against the background of tantamareski. After all, on vacation everyone wants to treat themselves to something new and interesting, both in terms of food and drink, and in terms of entertainment.
As for the companies that order the production of tantamares, then they have their own benefits. So, if you place such a stand in the resort or at the venue of any city holiday, then you can make good money on those who want to be photographed. Tantamares are also placed for the purpose of advertising a certain product or service, because while a person is posing, information presented on the stand gets into his subconscious.
The main advantages of these stands are their low cost, compactness, visibility, brightness, as well as ease of manufacture.
But, it is important to know that in the manufacture of tantamareski you need to adhere to certain rules, otherwise you may not get the desired result. Therefore, ordering a stand, be sure to take an interest in the experience of this company, and also ask for photos of their work. The fact is that employees of far from all companies differ in creative thinking and knowledge of their field, as a result of which the stand made by them only spoils the picture.

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